What we solve

Reliability and security of the Internet of Things (IoT) are paramount to the next generation applications such as smart grids, smart buildings, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart homes, and smart manufacturing. However, due to a lack of effective and efficient tools, IoT companies worldwide spend significant money and effort to handle failures and security violations in the field.

How we solve

SensorHound™ offers Internet of Things (IoT) specific software products and services that significantly reduce development and operational costs of the IoT. Our software products automatically detect failures, security vulnerabilities and performance issues in the field as well as provide detailed information to quickly diagnose the root cause. Our solutions are based on award-winning and patent-pending technology developed over 10 years by leading IoT researchers.




About us

SensorHound™ is an early stage startup company founded in November 2012 by leading computer science researchers. Our company’s technology is based on patent-pending, award-winning research done by two PhDs over ten years at Purdue University. Our technology was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation’s small business innovation research (SBIR) Phase I award in 2014.

Vinai Sundaram

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


Matthew Tan Creti

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer


Patrick Eugster

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer


Derrick McKee



Taylor Brodner



YiFei Wang

Software Engineering Intern


Matias Ferrari

Visual Communication Design Intern



June 9, 2014
SensorHound™ selected for Alchemist Accelerator

Keywords: Alchemist Accelerator, entrepreneurship.

SensorHound™ is pleased to announce that we have been selected to join the Alchemist Accelerator class in fall 2014. Based out of San Francisco, the Alchemist Accelerator is a highly competitive, venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of enterprise startups. Alchemist was recently supercharged with funding from Cisco Systems to launch its first six-month accelerator program to support Internet of everything startups. They have the most sought-after advisor faculty, guest lecturers, venture capitalists, and Fortune 100 customers as resources. We are very excited to be a part of the Alchemist accelerator, which VentureBeat named the 2013 Accelerator of the Year.

May 30, 2014
SensorHound™ joins the Founders.org Class of 2015

Keywords: Founder.org, entrepreneurship.

SensorHound™ is proud to announce that we have been selected to join the Founder.org class of 2015. We are one of the top 50 companies chosen out of thousands of applicants from top universities across the world. Founder.org is a non-profit investor working with colleges, universities, and research institutes around the world to advance entrepreneurship. They are a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have built billion dollar companies. We are thrilled to be among this elite group of companies and are looking forward to adopt the Founder.org’s unique company building approach.

February 19, 2014
SensorHound™ wins 4th Place in 2014 Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition

Keywords: Award, Purdue, business.

SensorHound™ participated in the 27th annual Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition and won $3,750 as a 4th place finalist in the Gold Division. This Purdue competition started in 1987 with an endowment gift from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. It is one of the longest running business plan competitions in the nation.

January 1, 2014
SensorHound™ receives SBIR Phase I Grant from NSF

Keywords: Award, National Science Foundation, grant.

SensorHound™ was awarded $150,000 SBIR Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation, scheduled for January 1 through June 30. SensorHound is developing software products and services that reduce the cost of developing and operating Internet of Things. We have developed laboratory-tested prototypes, and the NSF SBIR grant will help us create commercial prototypes of the flagship product, adding new features to the original research. We hope to have commercial prototypes created by mid-2014.

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